UL 1004-9 STANDARD FOR SAFETY Form Wound and Medium VoltageRotating Electrical Machines


UL 1004-9 STANDARD FOR SAFETY Form Wound and Medium VoltageRotating Electrical Machines
1 Scope
1.1This Standard is intended to be read together with the Standard for Rotating Electrical Machines -General Requirements, UL 1004-1.For machines covered by UL 1004-9,only the following Sections of UL1004-1 are applicable: Components; Mechanical Assembly; Frame and Enclosure; Grounding; Groundingldentification;Protection Against Corrosion;Factory Wiring Terminals and Leads; Spacings (when rated1,000 v or less); and Current-Carrying Parts. For these Sections, the requirements of UL 1004-1 applyunless modified by this Standard.
1.2For the purposes of this Standard,the term "machine" is representative of and equivalent to theterms rotating electrical machine and rotating machine, and is understood to mean all manner of electricmotors and generators covered by the scope of this Standard.The term "machine" is understood to applyto both AC and DC machines.
1.3 These requirements apply to field-installed machines with form wound windings and rated forapplications between 460 V and up to 34,000 v.
1.4 This standard also applies to field-installed machines employing random wound windings and ratedfor applications above 1,0oo Vand up to 7,200 V.
1.5 Machines intended for use in hazardous locations as defined in the National Electrical Code, NFPA70, may have additional requirements to be met as specified in the National Electrical Code,NFPA70.
1.6These requirements do not cover sealed (hermetic type) motor-compressor parts,which areevaluated under the Standard for Household and Similar Electrical Appliances,Part 2: ParticularRequirements for Motor-Compressors, UL 60335-2-34.
1.7 These requirements do not cover special generators (such as hydrogen cooled (turbo) generators)rated 10 MVA and above which are covered under lEEE C50.12,IEEE Standard for Salient-Pole 50 Hz2and 60 Hz Synchronous Generators and Generator/Motors for Hydraulic Turbine Applications Rated 5MVA and Above; IEEE C50.13,IEEE Standard for Cylindrical-Rotor 50 Hz and 60 Hz SynchronousGenerators Rated 10 MVA and Above; or lEC 60034-3,Rotating electrical machines - Part 3: Specificrequirements for synchronous generators driven by steam turbines or combustion gas turbines.文章源自标准下载网-https://www.biao-zhun.cn/119215.html